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Natural and cultural beauty coalesce poetically in Argentina

A tour of Argentina offers travellers diverse landscapes of glaciers, fjords, inlets, lakes, forests, prairies, mountains, desert and cosmopolitan cities

Adventure Squared - Our Argentina Tours & Travel Packages will take you deep into this most European of South American countries

4-Day Tour to Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires

This 4-day, comprehensive tour to Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires is full of adventure and natural beauty! Visit both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides of Iguazu Falls and spend two nights in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina’s gateway to the falls..

6-Day Tour of Buenos Aires and Iguassu Falls

Explore the beautiful city of Buenos Aires and discover world-renowned Iguassu Falls over six incredible days. Take a sightseeing tour around Buenos Aires with your expert guide and visit the historical neighbourhoods of San Telmo, Recoleta, La Boca and Palermo.

Custom Argentina Tour

If you’re looking for a vacation that sizzles with excitement and smokes with the passion of adventure; if you’re dying to sample the endless activities of natural marvels and cosmopolitan delights; if you long for the sweet succulence of a perfectly-prepared steak and the undeniable allure of sleeping under the stars; then why not sample the flavors on this 15-day custom Argentina tour?

Las Calaveras Mexico

Startling evidence and local folklore make Las Calaveras one of the most mysterious and feared caves. Recent archaeological excursions have found 125 human remains dating to the ancient Mayan period.

Mar del Plata

Once a retreat for Argentina’s aristocracy, Mar del Plata today is the country’s top beach resort city. Located on the Atlantic Coast in the Buenos Aires Province, Mar del Plata attracts millions of tourists every year to its sandy beaches and lively culture.


At the geographical centre of Argentina is Cordoba, the country’s second-largest city. Surrounded by picturesque valleys and mountains, Cordoba is best known for its concentration of Spanish colonial buildings. Most of these historic palaces, churches and monuments are found in the city centre within an area known as the Jesuit Block.

Puerto Madryn

Located on the shores of Gulfo Nuevo, the city of Puerto Madryn is best known as the gateway to Peninsula Valdes. It is also a popular summer destination because of its beautiful beaches although the water can be very cold. With the explosion of tourism in recent years, Madryn has undergone rapid growth, and the town’s small permanent population swells exponentially during the summer months.

Best Beaches in

01. Pinamar

A little further north and far less popular than Mar del Plata, Pinamar is a good family vacation option for its low population density and chilled-out beaches, lined by thick pine forests. The town is fairly upmarket, mostly popular with wealthy holidaymakers from Buenos Aires who rent out spacious houses with leafy gardens that open out onto the street.

02. Lake Correntoso

Situated near Villa la Angostura in the Patagonian Lake District, the water here is pretty cold. However, this delightful lakeside beach offers the perfect respite after a long day hiking through the stunning Patagonian wilderness.

03. Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires province

Mar del Plata’s heyday was in the 1920s, when wealthy porteños flocked here by train, hoping to exchange Buenos Aires’ swampy weather for cool Atlantic breezes. Today, Argentina’s largest fishing port is surrounded by a cluster of beaches, each with a different personality.

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